Autumn Colours

Autumn is a wonderful time of year, the plethora of rich colours in nature pleases the senses.

Inspired by Autumn colours, and even mixing it up a little with some vibrant tropical colours (it’s still warm and sunny somewhere!) I’ve started making some nice designs with a mix of paper beads, and assorted beads on waxed cord and organza ribbon.

image    image

image    image

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In Knots

The craze of the moment: knotting. I like the rustic/seaside/boho look of knotted pieces. I made some pale blue kind of Spring coloured ones, as I really like turquoise and blue greens. However I realised that this is the wrong time of year for pastels really, and I’m now making deeper Autumnal coloured pieces. I’ve also been toying with the idea of making beads out of scrap fabric and have seen some fabric, woven and fibre beads around the internet that look interesting.

image image image image image image image

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A taste of summer..

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About Bohoasis

I have long been inspired by creating nice things from junk, inspired further by workshops at the Bower Wirks and pieces by fantastic artist Nicky. 

My aim is to create new from old, pretty from plain, exceptional from ordinary and fun from frumpy.

I am not the most accomplished creator but if some of my ideas take flight, I’m happy.


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