Paint and canvas Acrylicpouring

So I’ve been saving my lovely art products for when I have time to use them. Seems that I will never have time unless I make it. The only wasted paint is the paint that remains in the tube etc.

I made like to recycle, so I decided to paint over my old discarding pictures. I like the idea of acrylic pouring but so far I’ve had one toe in the water, and that’s not good for great pouring results. You have to dive in.

I think it’s quite an expensive hobby so I’m all for experimenting with different random silicone-like fluids  I have made the commitment and  splashed out on floetrol which does seem to improve the paint.

I’ve been watching how-to videos and note that many things I’ve seen do not work for me. You really have to tweak things. Some important things to note are;

You don’t need to measure anything, use modest amounts of paint and a few drops of pouring medium (silicone, floetrol, posh expensive stuff, whatever) and water then mix it well. This will create bubbles, so it’s a good idea to leave the mixed paint awhile and hope most of the bubbles rise to the top.

Use lots of modest amounts of paints in your dirty pour. Too much is better than too little. Scrape up the waste with a palette knife and put in in a rescue pot.

If you use white, put it in last. The white sinks to the bottom, so if it goes in first, you may not see it in the painting.

When you’ve poured the paint, don’t mess with it too much. The cells will die very quickly if you agitate the canvas too much. This is why it’s better to have too much paint. Copious amounts of paint spread more easily with less agitation.

Keep trying. Practice does make for improvement and it’s a learning curve.

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Likes going into a zone with paintbrush and lots of colours.
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