Slowly slowly

I have to say that I am excited to showcase my new bead designs. It’s fascinating to me how the process I’m using ends up with these robust, shiny, intricately patterned objects that do not resemble the peice of junk mail or leaflet they started life as.  I’m even thinking about making ‘time pods’ from documentation transformed and lasting for decades for the future..

The drawback: it’s a long and drawn out process … days waiting for paint to dry, hours cutting strips, days soaking in glue, drying and resoaking – then long days sanding, trimming and sealing multiple times. But I am psyched to see these dull dusty looking pods transformed at the end, each one unique in colour, pattern, shape and size.  I think it’s a form of meditation – time slows and for a short time it’s wholly absorbing. Also feels good that these little fella’s are recycled. Happy feelings!

About The Real Bohoasis

Likes going into a zone with paintbrush and lots of colours.
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