Inspiring sensory delight…


Our senses are always awake, whether we are are awake or asleep. Certain scents can send us to our childhood or a sad memory.

I’ve developed a love for abstract and multi media art, as well as other genres and feel that’s it has really developed in an exciting way over the past couple of decades. It’s no surprise then, that I’m currently grabbing any spare moments I can grab between making something aromatically pleasing at least to me.

My latest soaps are organic base with a luxurious addition of unrefined organic shea butter, my own hand picked and dried rose petals, and a blend of essential oils to delight the senses..

I have some lovely home grown lavender ready for my next batch of botanical soap. And my Christmas spice soap will be making an appearance too.


About The Real Bohoasis

Likes going into a zone with paintbrush and lots of colours.
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